The Fastest Way to Cut Energy and Decarbonize Buildings

Transform your buildings from schedule-based to on-demand with Nomad Go AI. It's time to stop wasting energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and get to net-zero.

Reduce Energy and Emissions by 38%+

Improve Occupant Comfort

Reduce Wear and Tear on Building Systems

Nomad Go AI Gives Your HVAC Superpowers

Nomad Go AI uses live occupancy, IoT, and third-party data to control your existing HVAC system in real-time, replacing static schedules. Instead of heating, cooling, and ventilating empty rooms, Nomad Go controls your HVAC based on the number of people in the space, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to only when rooms are occupied. 


Using occupancy as the foundation, Nomad Go AI optimizes for temperature, comfort, and more


Nomad Go AI Works With Your Existing HVAC, With or Without a BMS

Dynamic HVAC Controls

- Occupant centric HVAC
- 38% Reduction in CO2
- Reduce energy

Zone Level Reporting

- Sustainability reports
- Energy usage profile
- Space utilization data

Occupant Engagement

- Promote sustainability
- Involve occupants
- Get comfort feedback


Adrian De Smul

Senior Director of Customer Experience and Innovation, Greystar

"Nomad Go’s ability to save Greystar variable energy costs, increase the net asset value of our buildings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a game changer.”

Stan Price

Smart Buildings Center

“Smart Buildings Center is committed to making buildings more dynamic, so we are thrilled to see the impact that Nomad Go’s AI has had on energy savings, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality inside of buildings, including our own.”

Dean Allen,

CEO, McKinstry

“As signers of the Carbon Pledge, McKinstry is excited to work with Nomad Go to offer this solution to our customers and help reach our goal of net-zero annual carbon emissions by no later than 2040.”


Trusted and Used by Industry Leaders

Hear how the world’s best companies are using Nomad Go AI to reduce energy consumption and drive sustainability inside their facilities