Nomad Go AI and Smart Buildings Center Webinar on Building Sustainability

We had a great webinar on October 19th with and here now is the recording so that you can view at your leisure: The Future of Building Sustainability Occupancy – Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability in a Post-Covid World.

Are you aware that the No. 1 emitter of greenhouse gas emissions is not industry or transportation, but in fact buildings, representing 39% of all global GhG. Furthermore, almost 75% of those building-based emissions come from day-to-day operations – heating, cooling, ventilating, and lighting. And to make things worse, it is estimated that about 30% of the energy used in buildings is wasted. Why? One big problem is that buildings’ HVAC systems are often run with set schedules rather than being dynamic to reflect occupancy, usage, environment, and other usage factors.

With more information, like real-time occupancy, buildings can make smarter decisions on reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy.  Essentially, turn it off when no one is home.

Attend this webinar on Tuesday, October 19th at noon PST/ 3 pm EST (or view the recording when it’s available) and hear from panelist experts about the latest technology and artificial intelligence solutions for running HVAC systems and building controls to optimize for energy savings and sustainability.

The following are the topic areas of discussion and likely key takeaways:

  • Learn how to reduce energy costs by 30 to 40%
  • Find out what it takes to be on the leading edge of sustainability innovations
  • Learn first-hand how customers are using this today to reduce their energy and C02 gas emissions
  • Know how to ensure optimal uptime, and run efficiently and effectively for comfort and air quality


Melissa Sokolowsky, is the Senior Project Manager at the Smart Buildings Center, a project of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) for incubating innovation and new technologies for the buildings industry.

As part of her role at the Smart Buildings Center, Melissa manages the energy monitoring and diagnostic Tool Lending Library, providing educational and technical support for industry professionals. She also serves as the Building Operator Certification (BOC) Curriculum and Training Manager, helping building operators, facility managers, and building owners maximize their operational efficiency. She has logged many years in various construction and mechanical trades and has over a decade of experience in facility operation and management in commercial, industrial, educational, and agricultural sectors. She is passionate about promoting sustainability in the built environment.


Scott Thomson, P.E. is Vice President at McKinstry, a leader in building high-performance buildings. With his background in mechanical engineering, Mr. Thomson has been driving innovation for his company as well as their clients looking for multi-discipline design and construction.

Mr. Thomson is a licensed mechanical engineer in Oregon and Washington and has worked in the mechanical engineering field since 1980. He has been with McKinstry since 2004 specializing in Project Management, Estimating, Cost Analysis, HVAC and Plumbing, Medical Gas, Hi-Purity Piping, Process Piping, Energy Analysis, and Energy Code Compliance. His current responsibilities include sales and business development associated with $280 million of annual revenue for McKinstry, business development and sales for a multi-discipline design-build construction company.

Joe Wilkinson is the Research and Development Program Manager for, the leader in smart building automation and facilities innovations. With his extensive background in operations management, he has hands-on knowledge and expertise on the inner workings of buildings’ automation and technology for optimizing efficiencies.

As a veteran of the United States Navy having served aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln as a Reactor Operator for four years, Joe joined the ATS family in 2005 as a controls technician in the Operations Department, working his way up to Group Operations Manager in 2017.  After leading a team of extremely bright and talented individuals for almost 4 years, Joe decided to take on a new challenge that would help shape the ATS’s future, as the R&D Program Manager.  In this role, Joe leads research, development, and integrations for new product lines into the ATS product offering.

David Greschler, CEO of Nomad Go AI has been on the leading edge of artificial intelligence and application virtualization technologies for over 20 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, with six patents in virtualization and virtual reality, and is now the driving force behind the Nomad Go visual intelligence solutions for making buildings smarter.

Twenty+ years startup entrepreneur with experience founding and building successful businesses from scratch, developing and implementing product and market strategies, and creating awareness to generate revenue.

Founded two tech startups that were successfully acquired, including Softricity (application virtualization and streaming – acquired by Microsoft); and PaperShare (content marketing platform – acquired by Dynamic Signal).

Now it’s time to use computer vision to decarbonize buildings (responsible for 39 % of global greenhouse gases), increase energy efficiency and enable a more sustainable built environment –

Holder of six patents in virtualization and virtual reality.

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Learn more about Nomad Go AI Climate Change Solution with Sony and Microsoft

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