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About us


Full Transparency

unlike the murkiness of many sustainable reporting and claims, NomadGo.AI unlocks actionable knowledge about any physical environment. Our industry-leading edge computer vision and artificial intelligence solution generates anonymized, real-time data for analytics, alerts, and management of building controls. No guessing, no generalization, just true data for real measures on energy use, cost savings and ROI.

Delivering Value

our low-cost, easy to implement building management solution helps you make physical spaces smarter, more energy efficient, more sustainable, and healthier, for real! Don’t waste time and money “dreaming” about sustainability, deliver real data, and real results immediately when you switch your buildings from set schedules management to occupancy-based building management with NomadGo.AI.

Dedicated to Success

we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We’ll be with you every step of the way and , and we deliver! With an extreme focus on results and ROI, we won’t settle for anything else, and neither should you. Learn more about our customer success

About NomadGo.AI

Nomad Go is the only end-to-end AI solution that provides real-time occupancy data so you can directly manage and automate your HVAC and lighting systems to reduce energy costs and C02 emissions. At Nomad Go we've developed a solution that deploys quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to achieve a quick ROI and meet your sustainability goals. Other benefits include better insights for space planning, reduced wear and tear on building infrastructures, and healthier environments.


David Greschler, Co-Founder & CEO

Twenty+ years startup entrepreneur with experience founding and building successful businesses from scratch, developing and implementing product and market strategies, and creating awareness to generate revenue.

Founded two tech startups that were successfully acquired, including Softricity (application virtualization and streaming – acquired by Microsoft); and PaperShare (content marketing platform – acquired by Dynamic Signal).

Today David’s focus is on decarbonizing buildings (responsible for 39 % of global greenhouse gases) in the charge for a more sustainable environment.

Holder of six patents in virtualization and virtual reality.


Jonah Friedl, Co-Founder & CRO

As a sales focused entrepreneur working at the intersection of product development and customer growth, Jonah founded his first startup as a university student in 2013 and quickly gained first-hand experience in launching and operating an early-stage technology company.

Today Jonah is leading the sales and marketing for NomadGo.AI, designing, managing, and executing early-stage customer acquisition, as well as the product design, implementation, and launch for the computer vision, machine learning solutions of NomadGo.AI.

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